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am I dorky enough?

Name: Kris
Age: 16
Location: Philly, PA
Favorite Bands: hmm... hard to choose lol... Trustcompany, Silent Drive, Snow Patrol, Interpol, From First To Last, Children of Bodom, On Broken Wings, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Bayside, Haste The Day, etc.
Favorite Movies: I Am Sam, Garden State, Eurotrip, Anger Management, The Birdcage, Jack, etc.
Promote in a community: here ya go...brok3n_star
Random questions
What would you do with a million dollars?: depends, some id prolly donate to the red cross, some I will spend, some I will share with my family, some ill save, but itd be kool to rent an elephant lol.
Describe your personality: kind, caring, weird, outgoing, funny, smart, crazy, etc
Why do you think you are dorky? Ill do practically anything without worry of what others think lol I like to have fun with whoever and doing whatever
What are your hobbies? playing + teaching guitar, listening to music, gardening, cooking, going to concerts, etc.
What do imagine yourself doing in 10 years? umm...hmm...being a porn star lol j/k...hopefully ill be working a good job in a lifestyle I like
What random thing do you like?:
Post at least one picture of yourself:

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